Monday, March 06, 2017

   Willoughby UC and Rev Michael Thomas responding to the Fair Work Commission decision [pumped up by Government submissions and rhetoric] on reducing penalty rates for weekend work. On the decision itself, it's interesting to contrast the public reaction to the idea and then to the decision. In theory perhaps the majority were onboard, in reality it seems people have second thoughts and in the words of nameless Coalition MPs, they are "bleeding on this" issue.

   Essentially it's another example of an economy in need of major action to get the Government Budget under control where the poor are the easy target for cosmetic action, Instead of chasing a fair share of tax from business, investing in infrastructure to drive employment we have ramped up 'crack downs' on benefits and reduced penalty rates for hospitality and service workers.

   The cost will be felt through this mindless response to the 'demand' for 24/7 shopping and coffee... when in reality people may grumble about a surcharge on cafe food and beverages but at the end of the day they do understand that someone with a family is working on Sunday to provide their experiences and sustenance... not to mention sabbath time off to make space for God!!

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