Sunday, July 02, 2006

St Barnabas Anglican. The Broadway

As mentioned at the ouset of this blog....
St Barnabas is the Column 8 Sydney Morning Herald regular from its days of Robert Forsythe and Arthur from the Broadway Hotel having fun across the road trading signs. The book used to be onsale at the pub before it closed.
IT all started with "Hear John Smith [of God Squad fame] here 7.30pm Sunday." It just so happened the pub had a talkative old bloke as a regular so the chalk board said "Hear Jack Smith here every night"...
"The wages of sin is death".... "apply within" and so on...
"Jesus bowls over death"... "Dennis Lillee bowls over batsmen"

Well, St Barnabas was recently gutted by fire and the succession of noticeboards since have been a cut above thats for sure!!

This one is a later one in the sequence!!

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